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Never Be Ordinary!



Never Be Ordinary!


Moldavite and Herkimer Diamonds

Astound your customers with quality gemstones in meaningful designs









Natural Black Kyanite Wings will enhance your displays and inspire conversation.  Black Kyanite grows in this naturally artistic wing shape.  We titanium plate them to create the myriad of flashing blue, green and gold, reminiscent of a magnificent peacock tail.  Titanium is an organic mineral found in abundance in the earth.  It enhances the metaphysical protective qualities of the Black Kyanite.  We adorn the wings with a sparkling, faceted blue Kyanite stone.  Available in Earrings and Pendant (P-154).

Our Moldavite and Herkimer Diamonds are a winning combination.  Clear raw Herkimer Diamonds soothe and balance the raw ‘Sky-meets-Earth’ energy of Moldavite, adding a touch of elegance to compliment Moldavite’s natural rough look.

Our popular crescent moon line keeps evolving.  One of the latest attractions is our Sun, Moon and Stars Moonstone Unisex Ring, (R-11), available in glowing Moonstone and Labradorite in ring sizes up to size 13.  Each one has a flash that dances!

By offering versatile jewelry that compliments any occasion, you make it irresistibly easy for shoppers to buy and keep coming back for more.

One of our most recent customers called us to say, “Your workmanship and stone quality is far superior to what I’ve seen in all my 25 years in business.” – Tony, Business Owner, New Mexico

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