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Moldavite Mandala Ring

Moonstone Green Kyanite Crescent Moon Earrings

Merlinite Spinel Earrings

Moldavite Pendant

Moonstone Green Kyanite Crescent Moon Pendant

Herkimer Diamond Ring

These remarkable pieces will be irresistible to your customers. 

 I focused on setting high grade gemstones in unique, meaningful designs while reducing the cost.  

Crescent Moon Green Kyanite
AAA quality green kyanite enriches this meaningful piece of wearable art with soothing calm. Everyone loves a crescent moon with a perfectly glowing moonstone. 

Moldavite Mandala

Have a piece of the universe with our Moldavite Mandala Ring. The multi petaled lotus represents our eternal connectedness to the highest realm. What better gemstone to compliment this design than moldavite, created by the combination of the heavens with Earth. We had the rough moldavite specially cut, only on the bottom, leaving the top naturally rough, for the core of this design. There is also a matching pendant, P-120. This design is already so much in demand that matching earrings will be available very soon!

Merlinite Spinel

Immerse yourself in Merlinite’s magical scenery with the inner vision of a Shaman. Merlinite, also known as Dendritic Opal, is known for it’s natural picturesque landscapes. We chose the gemstones with the best aesthetic scenes while making sure that the earrings are an appealing match. We also have amazing pendants available, P-124 and P-9.

     “Elaine is ‘The Stone Queen’! The quality, color and cut of her gemstones are unsurpassed, especially her Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite.” – Kathy, Store Manager, Arizona

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