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Mining Moldavite


Moldavite Mines Locked Down

Requests for Moldavite rages on.  Moldavite is in high demand because of it’s ability to inspire spiritual awakening.  It stimulates inner strength, so much needed in these times.
In the Czech Republic the mines have recently closed their production process. This is partly due to the pandemic and partly to protect and maintain the earth during mining procedures.  Because of this it has recently become more difficult to find new sources for genuine Moldavite.
Beware of man-made glass being sold as Moldavite.  It is very easy to imitate because Moldavite is a natural glass.
The difference is that it took billions of years for Mother Nature to form Moldavite from the sacred union of sky, fire and earth.  Moldavite is infused with the life force of her love, being illuminated with her deep olive green color.

Mines are closed until further notice.

We are grateful for the miners who worked so hard to bring us this celestial gemstone.
Moldavite From Heaven 
The story of Moldavite is that millions of years ago giant meteors born of celestial fire from the heavens fell to the Earth.  Their fiery collision created huge craters miles deep.  The great impact forced Earth particles to fly back high into space while mixing with parts of the molten hot meteorites.  The combined particles then cooled and solidified as they fell back to Earth as Moldavite, near the area of the Czech Republic called Vltavin.  It is only here and in a few surrounding areas where genuine Moldavite can be found.
Genuine Moldavite is known to heal all chasms.
We have a large stock of genuine Vltavin Moldavite.  We we heard that the mines were slowing down production we bought out 3 main sources of genuine Moldavite so we can still offer our customers this precious gemstone at reasonable prices.  Browse our website to see our exclusive Moldavite designs.
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