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Fine Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry
• Exclusive Designs • Exceptional Gemstones
• Thousands of Artisan Designs
• Quick Delivery • Friendly Service
Largest Selection of Chakra and Metaphysical Symbols
Fairly Traded . Fairly Priced

Manifesting Crystal- Inner Child Pendant

Manifesting Crystals are very rare. Within thousands and millions of years, a crystal will occasionally begin growing within another crystal. This creates the highest positive vibration resulting in the most powerful healing tool to manifest your innermost dreams and desires. Quantities are limited.

Moonstone Apatite Pendant

Esprit Creations is especially known for it’s wow-quality ethereal glowing Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite, because “WOW” is what you will exclaim when you see it, and so will your customers. We complimented this stone with a gem quality cut blue apatite for super extra appealing brightness.

Multi Tourmaline Nuggets Group

‘Nature’s Muse Stone’ Natural is in style. Bright, bold colors sell fast. We pick the choicest bright stones to bring you fresh designs like no-one else. Our jewelry will make your store stand out and become the talk of the town.

Amber Group

“Golden Elixir of the Baltic” All our Amber is certified Baltic Amber. We embellish these golden rich stones with attractive motifs and complimentary gems, like golden citrine. With stones and designs like this your store will never be ordinary.


Shattackite is the “Stone of Truth” It is a most sought after metaphysical stone as It awakens sincerity and clarity of intention. Our Shattackite has bright blue and green matrix running through it, adorned with a sparkling blue Apatite for extra zest.


We carry hundreds of unique earring designs in a wide range of natural gems with price points that make them attractive favorites in many stores.

Rings Larimar Charoite New Moonstone Side

Our rings are among our best sellers. We offer a huge selection of attractive designs, stones and sizes.

Metaphysical Symbols

Our large selection of Metaphysical Symbols include our exclusive collections in many different popular themes like; Celtic, Lotus, Angels, Egyptian, Nature, Goddess, Dragons, Fairies, and everyone’s all time favorite, Crescent Moons.


We carry the largest selection of exclusive and authentic Chakra jewelry designs that have become a staple for our metaphysical customers.

“Your jewelry pieces have a certain crispness and vitality that I don’t see anywhere else.”
-Greg, Multi Store Owner, N.C.

GIA Gemologist Elaine, the owner and designer of Esprit Creations has been called the ‘Gemstone Queen’ because she finds and uses the most unique gemstones in quality, color, clarity and cut for her exclusive designs.

She artistically integrates irresistible color combinations while effectively synchronizing the gemstones metaphysical synergy.

Her designs are easily adaptable to suit any occasion for people on the go.

With Esprit Creations jewelry you will win your customers confidence in your choice of products.

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