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Coming Attractions

Choosing the highest quality sparkling genuine gems for you.
We leave no stone unturned!
We recently were in India where we hand picked the most attractive gemstones for our newest creations. Each gem is looked over for the best color tone, clarity, cut, and brilliance. We especially take time choosing Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite for the most radiant glow and flash of color.
Our inspiration is sparked by Mother Earth’s treasures.
-Mother daughter team Elaine and Jamuna
Keeping It Fresh
Esprit Creations welcomes our daughter Jamuna as a team member and jewelry designer. Jamuna’s love of nature and conscious lifestyle adds a vibrant and holistic flavor to our designs.
Coming Attractions
Works in progress; Glowing gems are all the rage. Our ‘spectacularite’ Labradorite lended itself perfectly for this romantically dark moonlight piece. Black Moonstone (Larvakite) and Rainbow Moonstone are a perfect match for this empowering pendant. A few finishing touches to complete these designs and they will be made available soon along with many more.
Selecting a plethora of radiant hand carved Ganesh statues for you.
Hand Carved Ganesh Statues
Natural stone carvings of Ganesh will be available in glowing Labradorite, Amethyst and Jade. As not all our Ganesh statues are up on the website, call Elaine, 352-316-6130 if you are interested in purchasing Ganesh.
Aqua Prase
Designer Pendant
Classic Earrings
Moonstone Apatite
Kyanite Pendant
Stay Tuned
New arrivals are continuously being put up.
Wow your customers with rare gems like Aqua Prase from Africa.
Find lots of high quality jewelry under $25 in our ‘Under $25’ category.
Stand out with the most outstanding, glowing Rainbow Moonstone.
Watch Your Sales Soar
We design what’s trending and we make it easily wearable, practical and versatile for people’s busy lifestyles.
Keeping up with the most current jewelry demands of the times, we offer you what your buyers want now while continuously supplying you with timeless classic staples that endlessly hold their value in sterling silver and genuine gems.
You will captivate your customers and keep sales flowing effectively by offering outstanding quality designer pieces that cannot be found anywhere else at such reasonable prices.
View our ‘New Arrivals’ category to see our latest collections that are currently available now. You will find thousands of designs from our website to choose from that will add pizzazz to your store.
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