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Coming Attractions Week 2 of My India Trip

These are some beautiful tanzanite cabochons. I’m sorting them for use in my new designs.
Purple Labradorite
PURPLE LABRADORITE Our Purple Mountain’s Majesty Glows Naturally in Surprising Shades of Peach, Pink, Lavender, Deep Purple and Fuchsia!
Sorting Labradorite
Hand Picking the Best Purple Lab Stones

Labradorite is always a popular seller. It radiates like a darker version of Rainbow Moonstone because of the Feldspar mineral present in both. Labradorite usually glows in different hues of blues and greens with touches of golden and black streaks.

When Labradorite exhibits a broader spectrum of diverse colors, it is often called Spectrolite, which is technically found only in Finland, and is extremely rare and very expensive. But, I found the main source of a natural purple Labradorite that is mined out of Sri Lanka and Madagascar along with regular blue and green Lab.

Our Spectacular-ite
Our Spectacular-ite

It is rare to find the purple glow among these lots, but I sort through them to find the ones with the most interesting glow. In this way I am able to offer you rare, purple Labradorite at a really reasonable cost.

I am calling it Purple Mountain’s Majesty because the amazing swirl of glowing colors mixed with a distinct purple radiance is so much like the breathtaking view of the mountains and spacious skies at sunrise that inspired the song, “America the Beautiful” “…With purple mountain’s majesty above the fruited plains…”

One of my clients exclaimed, “I can’t keep enough of your Spectacular-ite in my stock.”
Call it what you like, Purple Labradorite, Spectrolite, Spectacular-ite, or Purple Mountain’s Majesty; it is spectacular, and will certainly peak your customers interest and purchases.

Sorted Gemstones
Each Natural Cabachon Gemstone Tells Its Own Story

In the sorting room I’m choosing the best quality stones for my new jewelry pendants and earrings. Once I’ve gotten the stone sizes organized, I’ll work with my jewelers to create perfect settings for the stones.

There are a lot of decisions to make and many steps in the process but in the end I will be stocking some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever created for all my dedicated clients.

Laramar Cabochons
Beautiful laramar cabochons.

On this week of my designing trip I’ve been sorting and hand picking all sorts of the best quality gemstones to use in my latest sterling silver jewelry designs for pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. I must consider the size, height, cut, color and clarity of each stone. Many times only certain types of gems can be used for an exclusive design. Sorting out gemstones is always creatively fun and invigorating. I become fascinated working with so many natural gemstones and can feel the stones themselves motivate the concepts for my designs.

After sorting, the next step is working with the hand crafters to create the perfect settings for each unique gemstone while always keeping in mind the needs and suggestions of my dedicated clients back home. In this way, each piece carries some of your energy. The whole process from beginning to end is enjoyable for me and the best part, that I can hardly wait for, is showing you the most extraordinary pieces that we make for you. Next week I’ll give you a sneak preview of the cad drawings for some amazing jewelry creations.

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