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Coming Attractions for Esprit Creations

Earlier this year while on our selling trips across America, I received several requests from my customers for certain stones and theme designs that are trending with consumers. So here I am on a whirlwind tour back to India to visit my artisans with lots of new designs in mind.Turquoise

turquoise-on-my-mindTurquoise was on my wish list. On my very first day in India with the help of one of my artisans, I found a great deal on natural clear blue Tibetan Turquoise. This quality of turquoise has been almost impossible to find for several years and the little that was in the market was either of poor quality or way overpriced. I eagerly choose the best of the lot in different sizes and shapes. The remarkable blue color of this turquoise is outstanding, and has inspired me to create an eye-catching line with an exclusive buffalo skull motif.

The buffalo skull is a symbol for protection and security. It represents the connectedness of all living things, for the buffalo lives on by helping others to live.

For another attractive line in Turquoise I will choose different shapes and combine creamy Carnelian for a complimentary contrast to the Turquoise.

turquoise1In others I will flatter the divine blue of the Turquoise with the gorgeous blue flash of glowing Rainbow Moonstone. I plan to add faceted Black Spinel to some of the Turquoise for a classy, dressy look. It will be an exciting opportunity for you to make your store stand out by providing your customers natural turquoise sterling silver jewelry in these amazing unique designs and combinations that no one else will have at very reasonable price points.

I will be sending you some pics as soon as I have samples made. I would love to hear your opinions and ideas.

I am working with Manisha, a gentle soul, creative artisan and dear friend. Here we are brainstorming in Turquoise.

Watch for Our New Phoenix Bird Rising

new-jewelryWhat better time than now to create a unique Phoenix bird motif. The Phoenix is known to rise from the ashes, offering success and triumph through complex times.

For this pendant, I wanted to catch the phoenix bird in action, head focused upwards, with her feathers blowing in the wind. I am waiting to see the first sample. Once I approve it, we will set the stones and produce a quantity of them. It is thrilling to see this dynamic phoenix manifest.

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