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Spinel North Star Unisex Ring

Spinel North Star Unisex Ring. The North Star is also called the Lode Star or Pole Star. For thousands of years the North Star has been well known as a point of reference for navigators. It is called the Guiding Star because Earth’s north axis points towards it.

In this magnificent unisex ring, the North Star displays a sparkling Black Spinel gemstone that enhances the power of 11 major planets. Each of these 11 planets can be found surrounding the North Star in this ring! Connect to the universe and always be confident of your direction!


Astrological Planets and Symbols:

Sun – Divine Light of Spirit

Moon –  Illumination of the Human Mind

Venus –  Feminine Beauty/Intellect

Mars –  Masculine Chivalry/Protection

Earth  – Stability of Four Direction/Balance

Jupiter  – Wisdom/Enlightenment

Saturn – Introspection/Truth

Uranus – Seed of Potential

Neptune  – Practical Application

Pluto – Mind Over Matter

Mercury –  Moving Forward/Evolving

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