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Chakra Vortex Ring

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The Chakra Vortex Ring is everyone’s favorite.

Chakra gemstone energies awaken and unite in a synchronizing spiral motion in this Chakra Vortex Ring.  The Rainbow Moonstone in the center harmonizes the Vortex energy with its serene mystical glow.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring


  • Amethyst               Crown                      Enlightening, Consciousness
  • Iolite                       Third Eye                Intuition, Wisdom
  • Blue Topaz            Throat                      Expression, Communication
  • Peridot                   Heart                        Love, Compassion
  • Citrine                    Solar Plexus            Introspective, Growth
  • Carnelian               Naval-Sacral           Desire, Creativity
  • Garnet                    Root                          Security, Health



SKU C0008 Category
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