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Sandipani Muni School

Esprit Creations Supports Village School in India

Our family at Esprit Creations has been involved for many years in volunteering ourselves and donating some of our proceeds to uplifting altruistic projects in India.


We would like to introduce our recently sponsored student, Dolly.  She comes from an impoverished family in the village of Vrndavan, India.  A three hour ride from New Delhi. She lost her mother at a young age. Fortunately she is a student at the Sandipani Muni School, where they help the poorest families by giving children an education, clothes, meals, medical help, and funding for their futures, as well as assisting the parents to find jobs. We are very eager to meet her when we go to India this February. This school has truly made miraculous differences in the lives of their students.

Elaine's daughter Jamuna

Since my children were young, they were also very involved in an animal shelter where they take in stray animals that have been hurt or neglected.  The shelter offers a wonderful much-needed example of compassion and love.  This February we will get to pet and groom some of our old friends!

For more information about the Sandipani Muni School follow this link.

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