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This article appeared in the Southern Jewelry Newspaper last month. In Tune with the Times?  New Unisex Ring Collection Keeps the Beat!

Unixex Rings
Designed by Elaine of Esprit Creations

Esprit Creations, a  family run business, has been successfully manufacturing and wholesaling fine sterling silver jewelry with genuine gemstones for over 2 decades.  You will easily notice how their jewelry stands out from the rest.  Their wide selection of exclusive designs gives a refreshing balance of timeless classics with an eye-catching, contemporary appeal. Their natural gemstones are always superior in quality, cut, color and sparkle.  Esprit Creations new Unisex Ring Collection offers independent retail jewelers an easy way to keep the integrity of  quality in their showcases while attracting a new genre of customers who are asking for lower price points.  By adding more affordable sterling silver to your store, you will be able to attract and satisfy a wider range of customers and sales.  This bold Unisex Ring Collection will sell itself, boasting its irresistible upbeat designs and rich color gemstones.

The owner and designer, Elaine Sheth GIA Gemologist has won awards for her spirited jewelry designs.  She says, “To excel, an independent jewelry retailer has to embrace the more eclectic fashion tastes of our rapidly changing society. Since early civilization jewelry has been worn to express a persons status or personal sentiment.  People are more educated and want to wear a statement piece carrying special significance that uplifts them and empowers them to express their own individuality.”

Esprit Creations new collection of Unisex rings meets these emotional expectations as well as the financial needs of the times.  The collection includes a range of dynamic and meaningful designs that are inspired by the natural elements around us.  Being optimistic in nature, they attract men, women, young and old with their aesthetic appeal.

Each ring is solid sterling silver 92.5, meticulously set with a high grade colored genuine gemstones; Glowing Rainbow Moonstone, glowing Labradorite, Faceted or Cab Amethyst, Faceted or Cab Lapis Lazuli, Faceted or Cab Black Onyx, Faceted Crystal Quartz, Kyanite or Larimar.  Esprit Creations also carries a vast selection of other jewlery designs in rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and sets in many other natural stones; Ethiopian Opal, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Rhodalite Garnet, Blue Topaz, and more.  Most of their jewelry designs can be reordered.  They also carry some One-of-a-kind to add extra pizzazz to your displays.

Elaine travels regularly to the village in India where she and her artisans work together to complete her designs.  Elaine’s partner is originally from there, so this enables them to keep their prices very reasonable.   Esprit Creations products are fairly traded and fairly priced.  Her whole family is dedicated to supporting and sustaining education and care projects there. Elaine says, “Through the years we’ve helped both our suppliers and our customers grow their business. We all share in each others success.”

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