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Free Shipping & Free Holiday Gift

Free Shipping & Free Holiday Gift

Wishing You the Most Abundant Holiday Season Ever!

In the spirit of holiday giving, we want to help you plan making the most of this holiday season.  Recieve free shipping plus a free holiday gift of sterling silver gemstone jewelry valued over $20 with each online order through October.  Happy Holiday Sales!
Tips for Increasing Holiday Sales
Make a Splash!
Never be ordinary. Within seconds of walking into your store a person decides to make a purchase or not.  The deciding factors depend on if what you have to offer is different, and if the atmosphere conveys friendship and trust. If the first thing that catches their eye is attractivly unique, they will be determined to want to search through your whole store to bring something home with them.  When you carefully choose and know about what products you carry in your store and can back up their quality and value, the customer will readily make up their mind to make a purchase from you.  Create an easy, friendly atmosphere to assure that their buying experience is effortless and pleasant. When customers  feel that you care about their best interest and feel confident in their purchase,  they are sure to spread the news and come back for more.

Balance Emotional & Practical Buying 
Gift shopping for loved ones and friends increases greatly during the holiday season. Because of this, holiday buying has often been thought of as mostly an emotional experience. Store owners need to know that recent statistics show that now more than ever  shoppers are thinking more practically as well.

Through extensive research they conclude that consumers are most likely to purchase a product that holds both sentimental and economical value. 
Increase your customers’ choices for gift buying while offering them a balancing emotional/practical shopping experience.

Esprit Creations, Conscious Creations

Since early civilization jewelry has been worn to express a person’s status or personal sentiment. Today people want to wear a statement piece that carries special significance for them and empowers them to express their own individuality with confidence. We have something for each of your customers. We have evolved to thousands of our own exclusive designs in a wide range of price points.  Our unique eye-catching and meaningful artisan sterling silver gemstone jewlery holds lasting value at reasonable prices. Our designs are made to be easily adaptable for dressing up or down, attracting all genres. You will sell Esprit Creations jewelry with the confidence that we back up our quality and workmanship, and work personally with you so that we can grow together.

Our jewelry is freely traded and consciously made.  We contribute generously to indigenous village communities, schools and shelters. Please see our blogs to find out more how we give back.
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