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Libyan Desert Glass Golden Tektite Bliss Pendant

Mystical Golden Libyan Desert Glass Tektite is the sister of Moldavite.  Like Moldavite, it is born from a Meteorite that fell to the Earth and mixed with the golden sand of the Sahara Desert.  Its mystical golden rays are said to be soothing and healing.  This gem is connected to the Solar Plexus and so strengthens willpower and enhances all-around well-being.

Moldavite is now mostly depleted, but there is still some Libyan Desert Glass to be found.  It has become the most sought-after gemstone since the Moldavite mines have mostly closed.

Each Libyan Desert Glass Golden Tektite Pendant is unique in shape.  Sizes vary, you are assured a mystically golden pendant that will awe you.

1 3/4″

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