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Chakra Fairy Star Septagram Earrings

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The Fairy Star or Septagram, has 7 points that radiate light.  The earth contains 7 Continents and “7 Seas”. The 7-Star Constellation represents the 7 Rishis (Sages).  The 7 Chakra Energies of our bodies harmonize and balance us.

1 3/4″

Wholesale Sterling Silver Gemstone Earrings


  • Amethyst               Crown                  Enlightening, Consciousness
  • Iolite                       Third Eye              Intuition, Wisdom
  • Blue Topaz            Throat                   Expression, Communication
  • Peridot                   Heart                     Love, Compassion
  • Citrine                    Solar Plexus         Introspective, Growth
  • Carnelian               Naval-Sacral        Desire, Creativity
  • Garnet                    Root                       Security, Health
SKU M-CH69 Category

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