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Welcome to our blog! You will enjoy reading about the exciting process that went into creating our latest sterling silver jewelry designs. From personally searching out the sources of natural gemstones and rocks, to bringing them to India for cutting, polishing and then setting with sterling silver in my exclusive jewelry designs, is an adventure meant to be shared!


Tourquoise in the rough.

We began the year traveling across the continent meeting with our stone supplier friends. On our favorite stop we visited the Native American Indian family in Nevada, who owns their own Turquoise mine. I bought the last of their Boulder Turquoise, as the mine is no longer producing it! They cut and polished each stone by hand.

Boulder Turquoise cut and polished into earrings.In silver jewelry, Boulder Turquoise makes a very stunning impression with a lightening bright streak of blue turquoise cutting through its natural boulder.
In India I have my artisans set it in sterling silver using my own indigenous designs. Sometimes I add a small turquoise nugget as an accent


Tiffany Stone in the rough.

I was determined to find a reliable source for the colorful Tiffany Stone. We considered ourselves very fortunate when we found the miner who first gave the stone its lasting name! Only found in one area of Utah, this multicolored stone has endured many names, including Ice Cream Opal. He named it Tiffany because the swirling patterns and splashes of colorful hues resemble the beautiful Tiffany Art Glass. It is a natural mix of volcanic lava, rhyolite, opal, chalcedony, and agates.


In India I had the Tiffany slabs cut into cabochon stones, and I got to help polish them!

In India I had the Tiffany slabs cut into cabochon stones, and I got to help polish them!

I excitedly searched through buckets and buckets of wet slabs of Tiffany, carefully choosing the ones with the most appealing patterns and brightest colors that we knew would look even more stunning in a sterling silver setting.



Beautiful slab of Sonoran Sunset

We met up with our Mexican friend who supplies us Sonoran Sunset. He mines it himself in the Sonoran desert of Mexico. With its naturally occurring combination of Chrysacola and Cuprite, it seems to reflect the colors of the Sonoran Sunset sky. In India I had this stone triple polished to reveal its splendor. The contrasting colors of Chrysacola and Cuprite does well in a simple sterling silver frame. The Sonoran Sunset stone tells its own desert story.

Assembling Sonoran Cabochons

An artisan friend assembles my Sonoran Sunset stones into necklaces.


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