Coming Attractions – Week 3 • Handcrafting

raw silver and gemstones

RAW SILVER BLOCKS Will be melted down and used in the casting of pendants and earrings for the gemstones in this picture!

This last week of my India trip finds me in a whirlwind of activities, so there is not much time to write. There are many exciting things to look forward to that I will write about next week.

One amazing find that I can’t resist mentioning is a newly discovered mine from high in the Himalayan Mountains. It contains rock that is a mix of bright blue and green Kyanite with some shiny silvery speckles of feldspar.

I already purchased all that was available in the rough and as soon as they are cut into cabachons and polished, I will take pictures for you to see next week.

Here are some pictures of what has been keeping me busy. Stay tuned for more exciting news. Love you all!

Raw Silver

Checking the 92.5 Quality in the Raw Sterling Silver

Raw Silver Here I’m looking over the sterling silver blocks that will be used in the casting of the new collection for the fall and winter season.
Polishing Vats

Silver Polishing Vats

Each piece from Esprit Creations goes through this state-of- the-art extra high tarnish-resistant polishing process, so that when it comes to you it stays extra shiny for a very long time.
Each of our pieces is dipped in each of these vats and rinsed at the end!

Espert Stone Setters

My stone setters are expert at getting those stones to stay in place.

Setting gemstones in prong settings or bezel settings is quite a process. Our experts work carefully to get it just right. A master setter must secure the gemstone in the least invasive way.
When done properly, the setting is not the center of attention. The goal is to focus on the gemstone in a way that most flatters it, without drawing attention to the prongs or bezel.
Elaine Sheth
I enjoy every step of my work with the expert and gentle artisans and I can hardly wait to show you the completed line of my latest designs!So give me your feedback….thanks

Goddess Moonstone Collection

Your store will stand out with our latest Moonstone Goddess Collection. Go to our website now for the most lustrous glowing rainbow moonstone ever! Our website offers over one thousand artisan designs in stock ready to delight your customers and improve your sales.

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Elaine Working with Artisans In India

pic2Tell Me What You See    She searched out high quality Larimar in the rough and then works with her stone cutter to show him the shapes she wants for her designs.





pic1See How They Shine  Elaine oversees the polishing to assure a triple polish on her Larimar cabs.





2015-2995With Love From Me To You  One of many of Elaine’s finished designs that will fly out your door!

Black Onyx is Back by Popular Demand

black onyx ring

Black Onyx Ring

Black Onyx protects against negative influences. It establishes deep concentration and reminds us of our inner strength. Black Onyx encourages us to follow our own path with courage. It prevents the draining of personal energy even while in the midst of chaos.

Solar Plexus Wins Award At INATS Show

Award winning genuine gemstone chakra.

You can count on Elaine for award winning designs.

Our Solar Plexus Chakra won the COVR award at the INATS Show.

The Solar Plexus is the source of all our energy and power. This new Chakra symbolizes nourishing citrine energy radiating out from our solar plexus to empower us, much like the sun’s force expanding across the universe. The cut out star decorating  the bale completes the theme!  This unique design makes for an interesting conversation piece.

Feel free to call or e-mail Elaine with any questions or suggestions.  She loves and respects your ideas.
Have fun shopping for a happy and abundant season!

Solar Plexus Inspiration

Solar Plexus Chakra

First sketch for our solar plexus chakra. Solid sterling silver with genuine gemstones.

While enjoying the sun and sea at the beach, my family and I began discussing how the sun is the power center of our source of energy as it spreads light, warmth and good health to all the planets revolving around it. Similarly, the solar plexus chakra located near the abdomen is made up of a complex network of nerves that connects to our heart and our life breath. According to the science of Ayurveda, our solar plexus chakra produces the fire of digestion, which is essential for well-being. When the Solar Plexus is in balance, one experiences a natural sense of confidence.

Award winning genuine gemstone chakra.

You can count on Elaine for award winning designs.

I became inspired to create a pendant of our amazing Solar Plexus Chakra. Here is my first rough draft. We are happy and proud to announce that it won the COVR award at the INATS Denver Show this year!

Raw Silver

silver blocksElaine is in India this month creating new jewelry designs. These are pure raw silver bricks that Elaine will have melted down and fashioned into unique rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. The unfinished jewelry shown in this picture adorning the bricks of raw silver is still a work in progress.
She chooses the best quality natural semiprecious gemstones and makes sure all her jewelry gets a special high polished shine that lasts. Check our website because soon these beautiful new creations of wearable art will be up on our website!

Meanwhile enjoy the special sales.

Update From My India Trip

While traveling through India to different villages and cities, I am creating new designs for all the amazing stones we purchased from all over the world.

The first thing I did was to bring these rough stones to our stone cutters, making sure they shape and polish the stones to a brilliant shine.

We are having our gem quality Cosmic Quartz (known as Super 7) cut into sparkly faceted and cabochon gemstones. This metaphysical stone includes seven minerals corresponding to the seven Chakras, found only at one mine in Santo Espirito, Brazil.

Our good friend who mines Sonoran Sunset in the Mexican Desert let us choose his most colorful slabs of this natural mix of blue-green crysacola and red cooperite. It makes a stunning piece of artful jewelry.

The extraordinary Tiffany Stone, mined in Utah, is also getting cut into cabs and polished to suitably exhibit its amazing array of swirling colors from the thirteen natural minerals it contains.

Esprit Creations is known for our superior quality of glowing Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite jewelry. I have many new eye-catching design ideas for these attractive stones.

You can also look forward to more new inspired chakra designs that are presently in the making!

All the Best! I can’t wait to post some pics of my incredible new designs as soon as I get back to the states.