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The best advertising is the satisfaction of our customers;

Laura in Virginia wrote, “Thank you so very much for adding such beauty and value to my shop, which had its best year EVER because of your jewelry!”

Elaine personally chooses each high quality, sparkling gemstone, and oversees them being meticulously hand-crafted into her own exclusive designs. Her unique flair of artistry will add integrity to your store and spark interest and delight for your best buyers.

Esprit Creations jewelry is always fairly traded and fairly priced. Take advantage of our New Years offer to jump start your sales this year and watch your customer base grow!


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15% Off Overstock Sales Category!

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We also offer fast delivery through the Holidays.


We also offer fast delivery through the Holidays.

Laura in West Virginia said, “I had the best Holiday season in 5 years, and I credit it to having your jewelry in my store. I look forward to continue reordering from you.”….(and she does!)

We recently revamped our website with a fresh new look and easy to use site.  We stuffed our Overstock Sales Category like a Christmas sock, with timeless sterling silver gemstone jewelry treasures.

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We seriously want our customers to flourish in their business.  When you carry our high quality, low priced sterling silver jewelry, your customers will be very impressed.  When they see that you are carrying something different than the rest, with our distinctive designs and special sparkling gemstones, they will find it irresistible and your sales will soar.

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Free Shipping & Free Holiday Gift

Free Shipping & Free Holiday Gift

Wishing You the Most Abundant Holiday Season Ever!

In the spirit of holiday giving, we want to help you plan making the most of this holiday season.  Recieve free shipping plus a free holiday gift of sterling silver gemstone jewelry valued over $20 with each online order through October.  Happy Holiday Sales!
Tips for Increasing Holiday Sales
Make a Splash!
Never be ordinary. Within seconds of walking into your store a person decides to make a purchase or not.  The deciding factors depend on if what you have to offer is different, and if the atmosphere conveys friendship and trust. If the first thing that catches their eye is attractivly unique, they will be determined to want to search through your whole store to bring something home with them.  When you carefully choose and know about what products you carry in your store and can back up their quality and value, the customer will readily make up their mind to make a purchase from you.  Create an easy, friendly atmosphere to assure that their buying experience is effortless and pleasant. When customers  feel that you care about their best interest and feel confident in their purchase,  they are sure to spread the news and come back for more.

Balance Emotional & Practical Buying 
Gift shopping for loved ones and friends increases greatly during the holiday season. Because of this, holiday buying has often been thought of as mostly an emotional experience. Store owners need to know that recent statistics show that now more than ever  shoppers are thinking more practically as well.

Through extensive research they conclude that consumers are most likely to purchase a product that holds both sentimental and economical value. 
Increase your customers’ choices for gift buying while offering them a balancing emotional/practical shopping experience.

Esprit Creations, Conscious Creations

Since early civilization jewelry has been worn to express a person’s status or personal sentiment. Today people want to wear a statement piece that carries special significance for them and empowers them to express their own individuality with confidence. We have something for each of your customers. We have evolved to thousands of our own exclusive designs in a wide range of price points.  Our unique eye-catching and meaningful artisan sterling silver gemstone jewlery holds lasting value at reasonable prices. Our designs are made to be easily adaptable for dressing up or down, attracting all genres. You will sell Esprit Creations jewelry with the confidence that we back up our quality and workmanship, and work personally with you so that we can grow together.

Our jewelry is freely traded and consciously made.  We contribute generously to indigenous village communities, schools and shelters. Please see our blogs to find out more how we give back.

Playing with Stones

Hello from India!

Where There is Light, There Can Be No Darkness.

Playing with Druzi Stones

I am on another adventure in India, searching out unique genuine gemstones and creating new handcrafted jewelry designs. One of my ongoing missions is to find sparklicious gemstones that no one can resist.Here in this picture, I’m working with Druzis and complimenting them with faceted Peridot and Black Spinel for designer pendants. Druzis are desired for their glittering beauty. They are said to amplify and reflect our inner light.

Druzi crystals form when natural mineral water washes over any kind of rock, quartz or silica, then evaporates. Over millions of years, the cooling effect on the minerals left behind turn into clusters of sugary, sparkling crystals. Druzis can be found most anywhere, especially near river beds and shorelines.

The Druzis I found are mostly all in their more natural free-form shapes, so I am combining them with other stones to be made into unique one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in designer pendants and rings. I will make earrings with the Druzis that have been cut into matching shapes.

Druzi naturally occurs in many different colors. Some of these Druzi pieces that I am working with are coated with a natural metal, Titanium, which adds a blue, green, purple, and golden metallic lustre to the original sparkles. Titanium is the ninth most abundant natural element that makes up the Earth’s crust and helps to balance ions. It is one of the hardest minerals, named after the Greek Titan warriors who were known for their strength of spirit.

Coming Soon!
Sparklicious Designer Druzi Pendants

What to look for in a Rainbow Moonstone:

It takes hours choosing the best glowing Rainbow Moonstone. My artisans show me hundreds of Moonstones only from the highest quality lots. I then check each stone for the most all-over brilliant glow, all the while avoiding the ones with clouds, dull parts, black spots or inner cracks. It is rare to find larger pieces without these natural inclusions that are very common in Moonstone.

After I hand-pick the choicest pieces, I go through them again to see which position I should set the stone in for its most effective brilliance. I double check them in a mirror because the stone must not only glow while lying down facing the light. It has to glow all over when we wear it as a pendant. I only choose Rainbow Moonstone that shines with an ethereal, silvery, moonlike glow that originates from deep within the stone and radiates out with an opalescent shimmer. Esprit Creations is known for the kind of Rainbow Moonstones that contain a effervescent light that catches the eye and turns heads. One of my customers named our Moonstone, “Dancing Spirit Moonstone”.

Selecting Dancing Moonstones


Besides the dancing spirits, the glow is helped from Feldspar mineral that also occurs in Labradorite, known as the dark Moonstone. Most Moonstone and Labradorite are found in certain parts of India and Madagascar. Good quality Moonstone is becoming rarer to find because it has been mined for centuries due to it’s natural beauty that forces us to notice it.Because I do the work for you, you will not have to look twice at our Rainbow Moonstone to make sure that it glows. Rather, you will be mesmerized and not be able to take your eyes off it!

Look forward to our new exclusive designer jewelry collection of sparklicious Druzi, eye-catching Rainbow Moonstone and many other unique gemstone jewelry designs that are presently pleasant works in progress!

I will be here another week, and will share more with you then. Meanwhile, if you have a certain design that you would like made, please e-mail me and let me know. This is a perfect opportunity to create your own design!

Love, Light, Peace, Abundance,

Elaine Sheth
GIA Gemologist, Owner, Designer
Esprit Creations


Moldavite Explosion Revealed!

Esprit Creations Natural Moldavite slices in freeform shapes just like an ethereal meteorite.

A lady recently bought one of our Moldavite Rings from my customer’s store. She heard about fake Moldavite being passed off as real Moldavite in some places, so she wrote me asking about our Esprit Creations Moldavite. It inspired me to share this interesting information with everyone.

Thank you for your inquiry about our Esprit Creations Moldavite.

Original Moldavite is a type of Tektite. Tektite means molten, so Moldavite is a combination of melted earth particles, silica and various metal oxides. It is mostly found in the vacinity of the Moldou/Vltava River Valley in the Czech Republic.

It was naturally formed about 15 million years ago when a gigantic meteorite comet collided with the Earth in that region. The fiery explosive impact forced Earth particles to shoot out extremely high into space, mixing and melting into parts of the red-hot blazing meteorite. As the particles fell back to Earth, they cooled and solidified in and around the same area in the Czech Republic. That’s why it is said that Moldavite is born from celestial fire. It is the sacred, explosive unity of Sky and Earth.

Notice the naturally uneven patterns and texture created by the fusion of sky and earth.

We get our Moldavite from a miner who lives in the Czech Republic. There, they call Moldavite “Vltavin” because of the Moldau/Vltava River Valley where it is found. When I get my stones from him, Vltavin is marked on the bags. I only get my Moldavite from this source because then I can guarantee my customers that it is natural.

Because Moldavite is a limited resource, good quality natural Moldavite is becoming more difficult to find. As a result, there is imitation moldavite being artificially manufactured in China and Thailand. Because Moldavite has been naturally formed much like glass, through short blasts of intense heat, it is easy to try to imitate. It is being sold in the market as real Moldavite, and it can be difficult to discern.

• Usually imitation Moldavite has a very consistent pattern and matrix, as well as a shiny, glassier look. Each piece of natural Moldavite has very uneven patterns and no two pieces look alike.
• The “bubbly” patterns on fake Moldavite are on the surface, whereas natural Moldavite has bubbles that have been formed inside and are always random sizes.
• Fake moldavite is often a brighter green, whereas natural Moldavite is mostly dark olive green.

These are some of the ways how you can tell the difference. It is better to be knowledgeable rather than depending on a certificate, because even some of the certificates are falsely reproduced.

A Winning Combination- Natural olive green Moldavite and crystal clear Herkimer Diamond Quartz.

Metaphysically, Moldavite is said to encourage inner awareness and aid in reaching constructive goals. Because it was born from an explosion of chaos, yet cooled into a soothing gemstone, it helps to settle disputes or disruptions in our life’s journey.

Enjoy your Moldavite piece of jewelry from Esprit Creations. Now when you show it off you have an interesting story to tell your friends!

I welcome anyone to e-mail me with questions regarding our stones, designs or jewelry, I am happy to share what I know with you.

Elaine elaine@espritcreations.com 352-316-6130

Save- Buy Assortments

Check Out Our New Category

We created a new category, ‘Save Buy Assortments’, to give you a great opportunity to stock up on our popular fast selling earrings at a drastically reduced price.

Each beautiful assortment has 6 different earring designs in the gemstone of your choice:
Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet, Iolite, Moonstone, Peridot, Variety Pack

Buying an assortment gives you a value of over $100 for the reduced price of only $70.

Click on the pictures below to view our new category
Save- Buy Assortments

A note from a first-time customer that I couldn’t resist sharing;

“Hello Elaine, I am writing you to thank you for my order and the gift! Since this was my first time ordering, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Everything is breathtaking! Beyond my expectations! Just stunning! I can’t say enough about your products! I am thrilled I found you! Your new life-time customer.” -Kim, Store Owner, Ca.

Esprit Creations Gives Back

Esprit Creations family is dedicated to supporting and sustaining education and care projects.

I travel regularly to India where I sit together with my artisans to complete my designs. My husband, Subhas, is originally from there, so working together with family and old friends enables us to keep our products fairly traded and fairly priced. Through the years we’ve helped our suppliers grow their business. Together we share in each other’s success.

Elaine's daughter Ganga with Dali and Dina.

Elaine’s daughter Ganga with Dali and Dina.

Through Esprit Creations, two young girls are receiving a full scholarship to complete their education and work skills. We also are involved in supporting other projects that the school offers to the poor like the distribution of free food, amenities, and job opportunities.

L-R: Meera's son, Ganga, Dali and her mom Meera.

L-R: Meera’s son, Ganga, Dali and Meera.

Our daughters, Ganga and Jamuna, regularly volunteer at the village school and animal shelter whenever they visit. Just last month they launched their own plan to offer educational and work opportunities to a struggling family whose father had passed away. The mother, Meera, is a seamstress living in one room with her son and daughter. My girls arranged for the young girl to attend the Sandipani Muni School with full scholarship to graduate.

gangam tribe tote bag.

Gangam Tribe tote bag.

They also engaged Meera in a productive work project. They bought a large amount of beautiful block printed cotton material that they designed for their own fashion clothes business, GanJam Tribe, and engaged Meera in sewing cute, simple cotton bags with their own GanJam Tribe label attached. They paid Meera for her sewing work, and as the bags sell she will receive a portion of the profits. The girls plan to advertise the bags for $3.00 each. 100% of the profits will be divided between the family, the school, and their favorite animal shelter from the same village. Our family’s mission is to give our best to the world.

Silver is the New Gold

Silver is the New Gold

2015-0247This year everyone is talking about how silver is the new gold. Customers are more educated on the worth of fine sterling silver jewelry. They are now looking to invest for beauty that will hold its value. Get on board with what’s happening and watch your sales take off!

Genuine Gemstones Have An Uplifting Energy

Wheel of Life Chakra

Wheel of Life Chakra

Let your customers know that genuine gemstones have uplifting energy and that sterling silver increases in value over time, making our award-winning jewelry authentic heirlooms.
  I select only superior quality genuine gemstones and have them set in my exclusive designs by skilled silver artisans. We also carry the largest selection of authentic sterling silver chakra jewelry.

Our whole family is involved in supporting education and care projects for the indigenous families, women and children in the villages where we work. During the last 25 years, we take joy in watching their business grow and their lifestyle improve alongside ours. We also offer you personal friendly service to help you win optimal fast sales with a variety of reasonable price points to choose from. 
We love hearing from you to better serve your personal needs.

Crystals and Chakras Meet Ayurveda

The fantastic book Ayurveda & Aromatherapy  by Dr. Light Miller, ND and Bryan Miller, DC  inspired me to create a list of how the main chakra stones influence our energy forces or “Doshas”.  In the science of Ayurveda, there are basically three energy forces or “Doshas” made up of a combination of the universal elements;

Ether/Air = Vata
Fire/Water = Pitta
Water/Earth = Kapha

Although we have a mixture of the three Doshas, each one of us has a prominent energy force.  When our Doshas are in balance, we are healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Genuine gemstones are also created with vibrational energy forces. Chakra gemstone crystals emanate specific positive energy that can influence and nourish our Doshas. Here is a list of some main Chakra Gemstones and how they affect and protect our life’s energy forces.

Crystals • Chakras • Doshas

Amethyst • Crown Chakra • Enlightenment
Ether/Air  Vata: improves immune function, giving stamina.
Fire/Water  Pitta: calm nervous system, quiets obsessions.
Water/Earth  Kapha: assists smooth transitions.

Sapphire, Lapis, Azurite, Iolite • Third Eye Chakra • Intuition
Ether/Air Vata: offers stability.
Fire/Water Pitta: reduces anger and inspire creativity.
Water/Earth Kapha: enhances self-worth, encourages fluidity.

Aquamarine, Turquoise, Blue Topaz • Throat Chakra • Communication
Ether/Air Vata: eases fears, strengthens lungs, encourages expression.
Fire/Water Pitta: motivates listening abilities and sweet speech.
Water/Earth Kapha: balances liver function/reduces bitterness in speech.

Jade, Peridot, Adventurine • Heart Chakra • Kindness, Nurture, Love
Ether/Air Vatta: Jade is not the best stone for Vatta. Peridot and Adventurine balances emotions.
Fire/Water Pitta: reduces excess heat, fever and inflammation.
Water/Earth Kapha: increases productivity and sharing.

Citrine • Solar Plexus Chakra • Source of Energy
Ether/Air Vatta: offers assurance to make decisions.
Fire/Water Pitta: Not the best stone for Pitta, increases fire element.
Water/Earth Kapha: aids in focus and concentration.

Carnelian • Sacral Chakra • Seat of Emotions/Digestion
Ether/Air Vatta: aids in the assimilation of nutrients.
Fire/Water Pitta: regulates and balances breath and digestion.
Water/Earth Kapha: brings healing energy and creates effortless movement.

Garnet • Root Chakra • Security, Support, Connection
Ether/Air Vatta: offers courage, strength and a sense of belonging (connecting).
Fire/Water Pitta: helps to restrain the false ego, balancing endurance.
Water/Earth Kapha: source of vitality, ability to let go of what does not serve your best interest.